BENGALURU: Finally with lots of drama and suspense on who will form the government, the BJP managed to win the approval from Governor Valubhai Vala to form the government. Although Congress and JDS had filed the petition in the Supreme Court to stay the formation of BJP govt as they lack the clear majority, the SC rejected the petition and asked to prove their majority in floor test in 15 days time.

Meanwhile Karnataka is witnessing protest and uproar both outside of Karnataka Assembly and many parts of the state on the unfair means and bias adopted by Governor Valubhai Vala who didn’t allow the Congress-JDS to form the government who have secured a total of 115 seats, a clear figure claiming the majority.

The challenge still revolve around the BJP as they have prove their majority in 15 days time, if not the Congress-JDS will be given the chance to form the government.

Pic Credit: NDTV
Pic Credit: ANI
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